Introduce a new holiday and make it public

The world is diverse and so there is a lot worth celebrating, remembering or honoring. Thus new holidays are constantly being created. What we like a lot, of course, because that's exactly what "Cute Calendar" is all about. So what can you do if you want to introduce a holiday yourself and make it known?

First of all, you should know what criteria we use to add new holidays to our website. Only if these criteria are met, we will create an editorial article and officially add the holiday to our directory:

  1. The holiday is recurrent and therefore takes place repeatedly according to a well-defined date rule (usually annually on a specific date, like "every year on May 9th" or "every year on the last Thursday in May").
  2. The intention of the holiday does not violate the law and is not defaming, insulting or discriminating. Nor may the holiday encourage crime or glorify crime.
  3. No brand, company or product names may be used within the name of the holiday.
  4. The holiday has already taken place in the past and there is some evidence of it, such as media coverage or a significant mention on different websites.

The last point is certainly the most difficult to fulfil. We therefore recommend that you first announce new holidays via our partner portal Calendify ( and then inform us about the publication by naming the link to your Calendify profile. As soon as we have checked everything and are convinced of the entry, we will add the holiday dates to "Cute Calendar".

By the way, we are very often asked whether it is necessary to apply to an official authority for holidays to introduce a new holiday. This is not the case - unless it is an official public holiday, but we do not assume that it is case here. So anyone can "invent" new holidays and make them known. The only thing that really matters is how much acceptance and popularity a new holiday gains in society in order to become permanently established.

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