St. Knut's Day

Jan 13, 2025 St. Knut's Day 2025 Sweden / Finland
Jan 13, 2026 St. Knut's Day 2026 Sweden / Finland

Information about St. Knut's Day

Warning against falling Christmas trees: on St. Knut conifers are disposed of!

Significance: St. Knut's Day is a traditional festival. Christmas trees are taken down on this day, and the candies and cookies that decorated the tree are eaten. There has been a tradition, where men dressed as a goat would visit houses.

Taking down christmas trees; eating the candies and cookies that decorated the tree
Observed by:
Sweden, Finland
Sweden / Finland
Tjugondag jul, Twentieth Day Yule, Tjugondag Knut, Twentieth Day Knut, Knutomasso
Knut IV. (King of Denmark)
Start year:
Date origin:
Canute Lavard (Knut Levard in Swedish) was a Danish duke who was assassinated by his cousin and rival Magnus Nilsson on 7 January 1131 so he could usurp the Danish throne. 7 January became Knut's Day, a name day. As his name day roughly coincided wit

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