Australian Citizenship Day 2024

September 17, 2024 in Australia

Australian Citizenship Day takes place on September 17, 2024. Australian Citizenship Day is celebrated each year. Managed by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC), Australian Citizenship Day is an opportunity for all Australian citizens, whether by birth or by choice, to reflect on the meaning and importance of their citizenship. The day is used as an opportunity to think about what unites all Australians, to take pride in Australia’s democratic values and to celebrate the role citizens play in shaping the nation. Since 2001, the department has promoted Australian Citizenship Day by holding special citizenship ceremonies, affirmation ceremonies and other events around the country highlighting the day. Local government councils are encouraged to hold special citizenship ceremonies and affirmation ceremonies on or around this day. Across Australia, thousands of people become Australian citizens each year at special Australian Citizenship Day ceremonies. (With material from: Wikipedia)

Where is Australian Citizenship Day?
When is Australian Citizenship Day?
Tuesday, the 17th of September 2024
Only 91 days left!

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