BBQ Season Opening 2025

March 20, 2025 in the World

There is no official date from which the barbecue season starts, because it depends exclusively on the weather. However, with the beginning of spring on March 20, 2025, meteorologically the warm season begins and for most people this is the preferred half of the year for barbecuing. Therefore the barbecue season can be opened symbolically on this day. The strongest barbecue months are from April to October. As soon as the temperatures allow it, the grills are taken out. In general, however, the trend is towards year-round barbecuing, even barbecuing in winter is no longer considered unusual.

Barbecuing is one of the world's most popular social pastimes. Often barbecue evenings are not planned weeks ahead, instead they are organized spontaneously. The necessary shopping is often done on the way home from work close to the beginning of the barbecue party. Barbecuing takes place in private gardens, on balconies and in public or club barbecue areas. During the barbecue season, barbecue areas are often booked out weeks in advance, which is why they are particularly suitable for planned barbecue parties.

When grilling, the barbecue food is cooked by heat and roasted on the surface. Traditionally, a wood or charcoal grill is used for this purpose. Gas grills, which allow finer temperature control, are also very popular. Not only meat, chicken and fish are suitable for grilling, vegetarian and vegan foods such as grilled cheese, tofu and vegetables are also very popular. As a side dish you can serve different salads or bread. Normally the grilling does not take very much time to complete, the barbecue food is cooked in a short time. This is one of several reasons why barbecuing is so popular during the barbecue season: it tastes good, it is a social event and it is quick and uncomplicated.

Where is BBQ Season Opening?
Northern Hemisphere
When is BBQ Season Opening?
Thursday, the 20th of March 2025
Only 296 days left!

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