Bean Day 2022

January 6, 2022 in the World

Bean Day is celebrated on January 06, 2022. There are assumptions that Bean Day goes back to the former bean crops or maybe to the death of Gregor Mendel on January 6th in 1884. Mendel was a famous genetics scientists who worked mostly with beans and introduced the important expressions "recessive" and "dominant" to explain how inheritance works: with genes.

Wherever the origin of Bean Day lies - its perfect celebration is truly easy. On Bean Day everyone should eat beans of course. There are so many variations that anyone should find a tasty bean-meal for himself. Kidney beans, also called French beans are the most famous and most favoured bean in North America.

Where is Bean Day?
When is Bean Day?
Thursday, the 6th of January 2022
Only 100 days left!

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