Beginning of meteorological autumn 2024

September 1, 2024 in Northern Hemisphere

Autumnal park view.

With the beginning of meteorological autumn on the 01st of September 2024, nature starts getting more colorful. The third season is all about harvest, golden leaves connected to many feasts such as Halloween and Thanksgiving. Often the beginning of fall is the time of a furious change in weather: cold fronts make the temperature sink. But when autumn comes along with warm and sunny days and cool nights, people call this Indian summer.

There is a meteorological and a astronomical beginning of the autumn season. The meteorological seasons are structured according to the months of a year and always start on the first day of a month. In the decades before we had computers, this way statistics could have been made up easier. On the Northern hemisphere September, October and November belong to the meteorological autumn; whereas from the astronomic point of view autumn starts with the moment of the autumn equinox.

In autumn plants start to remove the green chlorophyll in their leaves and store it in their strains and branches. This leads to the turning of the leaves and makes the typical yellow, red, orange and brown color spectrum of autumn possible. After that the plant stops supplying the leaves, which then dry out and fall off. The fall leaves serves as a winter shelter and food source for numerous creatures like butterfly caterpillar, hedgehogs and lady beetles.

The colorful autumn foliage forms an insulation blanket on the ground. So it rather wouldn’t frost or dry out. The first spring flowers of the next year can grow better, protected by the foliage. The foliage turns into humus which provides a rich nutrient offering for trees and bushes. On streets and in the cities this foliage can become a real dangerous threatening, as it easily forms a very slippery mass on the asphalt.

Fall represents two antagonistic moods, which are both often referred to in lyric and arts. On the one hand it is all about dark moods, days getting shorter, spooky Halloween and so on, and on the other hand they talk about a golden season, time of harvest and beauty. The beginning of the meteorological autumn exists ever since the first documentations of the weather in the 19th century.

Where is Beginning of meteorological autumn?
Northern Hemisphere
When is Beginning of meteorological autumn?
Sunday, the 1st of September 2024
Only 103 days left!

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