Berchtoldstag 2025

January 2, 2025 in Switzerland

Berchtoldstag takes place on January 02, 2025. Berchtoldstag is an Alemannic holiday, known in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. It is near New Year's Day, during the Rauhnächte, in Switzerland nearly always on January 2, with the status of a public holiday in a number of cantons. Its observation is attested since the 14th century. The name may be related to the Perchta, a female of myth and folklore, guardian of the animals, and sometimes leader of the Wild Hunt, since Twelfth Night traditions even in the Spanish Pyrennes can feature visits from a transformed human/animal. (With material from: Wikipedia)

Where is Berchtoldstag?
When is Berchtoldstag?
Thursday, the 2nd of January 2025
Only 165 days left!

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