Boss's Day 2024

October 16, 2024 in America

A boss: employees can thank their boss for being kind and fair on boss's day.

Be kind to your boss on October 16, 2024 as it is Boss’s Day. This day is mainly celebrated in the USA and Canada, but also finds some recognition in England, India, Ireland, Australia and South Africa. In Egypt Boss’s Day is held on December, 10. Employees thank their bosses for being so kind for treating them always nicely and fair. So Boss’s Day is basically an appreciation day for people who know how to rule and lead a company. If Boss’s Day should be on the weekend it is observed on the working day that is the closest. Greeting cards and banners reading “Happy Boss’s Day!” are often used for Boss’s Day. Have a nice cup of coffee or lunch with your boss on Boss’s Day.

Boss’s Day had been invented by Patricia Bays Haroski. She was working for State Farm, an US-American insurance company in Deerfield, Illinois. Her boss was her own father, which is the reason why she learned about the troubles a leading position comes along with. To express her appreciation towards her father, whom she considered to be an excellent boss she initiated Boss’s Day and register in 1958 at the chamber of commerce. Additionally she hoped for a better relationship between employers and employees. For the date she chose the birthday of her father. In 1962 Otto Kerner, governor of Illinois supported Boss’s Day officially and helped to make it famous in the USA so it could spread all over the planet the following years.

Where is the event?
United States / Canada
When is the event?
Wednesday, the 16th of October 2024
Only 88 days left!

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