Cassinga Day 2019

May 4, 2019 in Namibia

Cassinga Day takes place on May 04, 2019 and is a public holiday in the Republic of Namibia in southern Africa. It is a commemorative day for the Battle of Cassinga. Cassinga is a town in Angola, Namibia’s border country in the North. The Battle of Cassinga is also named the Kassinga Massacre due to the hundreds of victims of that fight in 1978. On Cassinga Day there are events organized to remember that day in history.

They take place at Heroes’ Acre, the war memorial in Namibia since 2002. Ministers and presidents attend, showing their respect. On the Battle of Cassinga the South African Defense Force attacked the South West Africa People’s Organization SWAPO at their headquarter in Windhoek, Namibia.

Where is the event?
When is the event?
Saturday, the 4th of May 2019
Only 45 days left!

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