Cook Something Bold Day 2021

November 8, 2021 in the World

Cook Something Bold Day takes place on November 08, 2021. Brave people are on demand on Cook Something Bold Day. Nobody knows the outcome from when bold people cook bold dishes. Ruth and Thomas Roy initiated this unofficial food holiday. Taking part is easy and surely a lot of fun. Invite some friends and create the most extraordinary recipe you can think of.

Even more challenging is the eating of the pungent dish. Maybe it will be a good idea to make a competition out of it and whoever eats the most or the fastest will receive a kiss from the chef. However you will need a lot of pepper, chili or Tabasco on Cook Something Bold Day and even also some brave and dear friends.

Where is the event?
When is the event?
Monday, the 8th of November 2021
Only 17 days left!

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