Different Colored Eyes Day 2025

July 12, 2025 in the World

Different Colored Eyes Day is observed on July 12, 2025. Some people and also animals have two colored eyes. This is called heterochromia and has to do with the levels of the pigment melanin in the iris: if that varies between someone's eyes, he or she will have different colored eyes. Usually eyes of humans have the color brown, hazel, green, grey or blue in very various nuances.

Famous people with different colored eyes are for example Dan Aykroyd and David Bowie. Cats often show two colored eyes as a result of heterochromia. To celebrate Different Colored Eyes Day, do something with your eye, like twinkling or looking through a kaleidoscope.

Where is the event?
When is the event?
Saturday, the 12th of July 2025
Only 357 days left!

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