Dumbstruck Day 2025

March 15, 2025 in the World

Man telling a secret to an dumbstrucked woman.

Dumbstruck Day takes place on March 15, 2025. If you're dumbstruck, you are so shocked that you're unable to speak. You can use Dumbstruck Day to be dumbstruck over all the shocking things you see, hear, read und smell. Or let your creativity run wild and try your best to cause someone else to become dumbstruck. "Dumbstruck" is a combination of "dumb" and "struck": you are dumbstruck as if you are struck dumb with astonishment and surprise. "Dumb" means "silent, silent, speechless, mute, and unable to speak".

Where is the event?
When is the event?
Saturday, the 15th of March 2025
Only 334 days left!

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