Dunce Day 2024

November 8, 2024 in the World

Dunce Day is observed on November 08, 2024. Some people believe that John Duns Scotus lends his name to what generations of teachers and pupils called a "Dunce" ever since he published his scholastic works in the 14th century. Scotus died on November, 8th in 1308. Dunces are children that learn very slowly, do not do their schoolwork properly or simply do not listen to the teacher and are incapable of scholarship. On Dunce Day it would be nice to not refer to someone as a "dunce"...

Since the late 20th century it is considers humiliating to pick out pupils and expose them as a slow learner. On most parts of the world children are also not being made sitting in a corner and wearing a dunce cap. These funnel shaped paper hats are worn as a joke at most. So if your colleagues in the office bring you a dunce cap, keep cool and wear it with a smart smile on your face.

Where is Dunce Day?
When is Dunce Day?
Friday, the 8th of November 2024
Only 171 days left!

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