Embrace Your Geekness Day 2025

July 13, 2025 in the World

"I love geeks" phrase handwritten on a blackboard.

Due to Embrace your Geekness Day on July 13, 2025 all geeks in the world are invited to feel proud about their peculiarities. Especially in the USA this day is largely celebrated. The word “geek” originally refers to someone who strikes out for his or her strange deeds. Today it’s rather a word for people who have a major interest in science or fictional topics. People who get very much into something and mostly if it’s from the IT sector are often called geeks.

Above all Embrace your Geekness Day emphasizes the positive features of geeks. Very often they are keen specialists on a certain topic which is a natural consequence of their detailed involvement in mostly technical issues. This would be a good reason to embrace oneself and feel proud not only on Embrace your Geekness Day. The definition of the word geek is very close to that of the word nerd or hacker: also persons who like to deal with technology and have therefore only few practises in social interactions. The social behavior of geeks and the communication between two geeks is often incomprehensible for non-geeks. Geek is also a derogative name for people with a high level of intelligence combined with rare social skills.

Where is the event?
When is the event?
Sunday, the 13th of July 2025
Only 356 days left!

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