Engineer's Day in Romania 2024

September 14, 2024 in Romania

In Romania September 14, 2024 is Engineer’s Day. There is an Engineer’s Day organized in many countries all over the world on different days. Engineer’s Day in Romania had been celebrated for the first time in 2000. The profession of an engineer offers a lot of varieties: there is chemical engineering, mechatronics engineering, software engineering and materials engineering.

In Romania they honor with their own Engineer’s Day the mechanical engineers who realized Romania’s very first railway in 1881. But of course engineering in Romania is still a modern profession and so they advert for jobs in that profession with ceremonies and provide information. The events for Engineer’s Day in Romania are brought up annually by the Ministry of Education and the Technical Academy.

Where is Engineer's Day in Romania?
When is Engineer's Day in Romania?
Saturday, the 14th of September 2024
Only 56 days left!

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