Feast of Saint Wolfgang 2024

October 31, 2024 in Germany

Feast of Saint Wolfgang on October 31 2024 is observed mostly by the Catholic Church in Bavaria, Germany. This day honors holy Wolfgang, who died as bishop of Regensburg in 994. Especially in Regensburg in Germany’s biggest federal state Bavaria in the South, celebrations and events are organized to commemorate Wolfgang. One example is the commemoration of the removal of his bones on October 7. An old German country lore says that rain on Feast of Saint Wolfgang is a good sign for the whole following year.

Wolfgang from Regensburg is the patron Saint of Bavaria and also of carpenters, shepherds, skippers, carvers, charburners and woodworkers. All people of these professional groups are also honored on Feast of Saint Wolfgang. Additionally holy Wolfgang can be called for pain in the feet, stokes, infertility, gout or skin diseases. In some regions there are pilgrimages and circuits on horseback. Wolfgang Day is a memorial day and can be shaped individually.

Where is Feast of Saint Wolfgang?
When is Feast of Saint Wolfgang?
Thursday, the 31st of October 2024
Only 193 days left!

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