Fiestas Patrias 2024

September 18, 2024 in Chile

Fiestas Patrias takes place on September 18, 2024. The Fiestas Patrias of Chile consists of two days: September 18, in commemoration of the proclamation of the First Governing Body of 1810, and marking the beginning of the Chilean independence process. September 19, known as the "Day of the Glories of the Army". Within Chile the Fiestas Patrias are often referred to as the Dieciocho, or "18th" because the celebration occurs on September 18. Unofficially, the celebration can last for around a week, depending on when it falls. Most schools and jobs declare a week-long vacation for the holiday. The celebration of Fiestas Patrias is an expression of Chilean culture. Traditional activities associated with the Dieciocho include Chilean rodeo, dancing the cueca, going to fondas, and barbecue. Officially, activities on September 18 are centered around a religious celebration "Te Deum Ecuménico de Fiestas Patrias". (With material from: Wikipedia)

Where is Fiestas Patrias?
When is Fiestas Patrias?
Wednesday, the 18th of September 2024
Only 62 days left!

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