Forget-Me-Not Day 2022

November 10, 2022 in the World

A Forget Me Not Flower as a symbol for Forget-Me-Not Day

Forget-Me-Not Day takes place on November 10, 2022. It is a day to remember family and friends. You can use Forget-Me-Not Day as a chance to get in touch with anyone you haven't seen in a while. It feels good finding out that there is someone out there who remembers us. Therefore Forget-Me-Not Day offers the perfect opportunity to grab your smart phone and let somebody know exactly this.

The Forget-Me-Not is a beautiful blue blooming flower which is often used a symbol for remembrance. You can also give away Forget-Me-Nots as a present to your beloved one, making sure that you will always remember them. In Australia and other countries Forget-Me-Not Day is associated with the Alzheimer’s Association, and they organize a fund raiser.

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When is the event?
Thursday, the 10th of November 2022
Only 136 days left!

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