Freethought Day 2024

October 12, 2024 in the World

Freethought Day is observed on October 12, 2024. Freethought Day is an annual observance by freethinkers and secularists of the anniversary of the effective end of the Salem Witch Trials. The seminal event connected to Freethought Day is a letter written by then Massachusetts Governor William Phips in which he wrote to the Privy Council of the British monarchs, William and Mary, on this day in 1692. In this correspondence he outlined the quagmire that the trials had degenerated into, in part by a reliance on "evidence" of a non-objective nature and especially "spectral evidence" in which the accusers claimed to see devils and other phantasms consorting with the accused. (With material from: Wikipedia)

Where is Freethought Day?
When is Freethought Day?
Saturday, the 12th of October 2024
Only 82 days left!

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