Global Day of Parents 2025

June 1, 2025 in the World

The Global Day of Parents on June 01, in 2025 is celebrated since 2012 when the United Nations declared this date as a day for parents. They deserve special estimation as they are the ones to bring up the children that form the society we all live in. There are parents all over the world, different in culture, methods and lifestyle though. But they all have the same aim: enable their children to a good start into their lives.

The United Nations invite civil population to celebrate the Global Parents Day. Especially young people and children are admonished to realize the great job parents do. It’s the parents who firstly mediate values, rules and moral attitudes to the young kids and this way help those becoming valuable members of our society. Global Day of Parents is a date to say thank you for that.

Where is Global Day of Parents?
When is Global Day of Parents?
Sunday, the 1st of June 2025
Only 314 days left!

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