Hōnen Matsuri 2025

March 15, 2025 in Japan

The fertility festival Hōnen Matsuri is observed on March 15, 2025. This festival is celebrated annually in Japan. The Japanese word Hōnen can be translated as prosperous year, and it implies a rich harvest, and Matsuri means festival. The day therefore celebrates not only fertility but also harvest. The most famous celebration on this day takes place in Komaki, a town north of Nagoya City. It is nicknamed the Penis Festival as a 96 inch long wooden phallus is shown in the parade. Most foods and souvenirs are phallus-shaped, too. The festival is celebrated from early morning until afternoon.

Where is Hōnen Matsuri?
When is Hōnen Matsuri?
Saturday, the 15th of March 2025
Only 238 days left!

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