Hoshana Rabbah 2024

October 23, 2024 in the World


The seventh day of the Jewish pilgrim feast Sukkot on October 23, 2024 is Hoshana Rabbah, or in English: The Great Supplication. This religious feast annually takes place on Tishrei 21 and is also called the Great Hoshana. Traditionally Jews wish each other “A gutt Kwittel” on Hoshana Rabbah, which means “a good note”. That refers to small notes written to God and sent to heaven on the seventh holiday, hoping that they might influence God’s judgment to the better. Often it is read from the fifth book of Mose on Hoshana Rabbah.

In the synagogue seven circuits with a Lulav take place on the seventh feast day. The Lulav is s bunch of four species: date-tree, willow, citrus tree and myrtle. For Hoshana Rabbah it is tradition to hit the floor with the willow branches of the Lulav, right after the memorial prayer Kaddish has been said. According to the Jewish belief King David is present during Hoshana Rabbah. In some Jewish congregations it is common practice to wake in the night before Hoshana Rabbah und to blow the shofar horn during daytime.

Where is Hoshana Rabbah?
When is Hoshana Rabbah?
Wednesday, the 23rd of October 2024
Only 122 days left!

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