JeŻne genevois 2017

September 7, 2017 in Geneva, Switzerland

JeŻne genevois takes place on September 07, 2017. JeŻne genevois (meaning Genevan fast) is a public holiday in the canton of Geneva, Switzerland which occurs on the Thursday following the first Sunday of September. It dates back to the 16th century. The religious fasting of JeŻne genevois is not widely followed. Plum pie is often served as dessert in Geneva homes on JeŻne genevois. Banks and post offices along with many shops, restaurants and bars close for the day. However, unlike Thanksgiving in the U.S., which also falls on a Thursday, a four-day weekend is not wontedly taken and most businesses are open on Friday. (With material from: Wikipedia)

Where is JeŻne genevois?
Geneva, Switzerland
When is JeŻne genevois?
Thursday, the 7th of September 2017
Only 42 days left!

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