Lughnasadh 2018

August 1, 2018 in Ireland and Scotland

Lughnasadh takes place on August 01, 2018 and can also be called Lúnasa, Lůnastal, Luanistyn or Brón Trogain. It is an ancient Gaelic feast honoring the Irish deity Lugh and marking the beginning of the harvest season. Therefore the so called First Fruits are offered on Lughnasadh. In modern times Lughnasadh is also celebrated with joyful cultural events such as climbing hills and mountains. These events take place on Sundays and not necessarily on the day of Lughnasad. Some of them are Crom Dubh Sunday, Reek Sunday or Garland Sunday - the local community climbs a local hill. On some places there are also fairs and athletic contests taking place, mostly in Ireland and Scotland

Where is Lughnasadh?
Ireland and Scotland
When is Lughnasadh?
Wednesday, the 1st of August 2018
Only 39 days left!

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