Lumpy Rug Day 2020

May 3, 2020 in the World

A lumpy rug getting cleaned on lumpy rug day.

Lumpy Rug Day is celebrated annually on May 03, 2020. Although the name of this holiday sounds pretty clear, there are two variations of what lumpy rug might mean. The first one is just about appreciating a nice and clean rug, but not to forget what comfort the old and lumpy one has brought. The second variation how a rug can get lumpy is by sweeping unwelcome facts and issues under the rug. So it is about dealing with topics you don’t want to deal with. Anyway you choose how to celebrate Lumpy Rug Day, make sure your rug is always clean and lump free.

Where is Lumpy Rug Day?
When is Lumpy Rug Day?
Sunday, the 3rd of May 2020
Only 101 days left!

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