Mexican Independence Day 2024

September 16, 2024 in Mexico

The 16th September 2024 is declared as the official Mexican Independence Day and is celebrated in Mexico every year. The Mexican Independence Day is also called Grito de Dolores, which is Spanish for Cry of Dolores. Dolores Hidalgo is a city in Guanajuato in Mexico where the Mexican War of Independence started in 1810. It is the Mexican president who heralds the start of the Mexican Independence Day at exactly 11pm on September 15 every year. It is a Mexican national public holiday.

After the speech of the Mexican president, which takes place on the balcony of his palace, the public starts to celebrate their country by screaming and singing the national Mexican anthem. The Mexicans celebrate the success of the revolt with fireworks and parties all over Mexico. Parades through the streets are organized and the Mexican flag is waved proudly. Families and friends spend the Mexican Independence Day together and enjoy the concerts and scream their “iViva!” together.

The date refers back to the speech of Miguel Hidalgo, a priest who was a member of the Guadalupanos, a secret organization with the aim to free Mexico from the Spanish government. Ignacio Allende and Juan Aldama, two Mexican rebels, formed the core of the insurgents but it was Miguel Hidalgo who finally called to the public to fight and start the revolution. He did that in front of his church and his last words were ¡Viva México! - an outcry that is repeated again and again during the modern festivities for the Mexican Independence Day.

Where is Mexican Independence Day?
When is Mexican Independence Day?
Monday, the 16th of September 2024
Only 155 days left!

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