Name Your Poison Day 2022

June 8, 2022 in the World

A red poison bottle.

Name Your Poison Day takes place on June 08, 2022. The term "name your poison" is used to ask what type of alcoholic drink someone would like or more generally to suggest someone to select among a number of options. Name Your Poison Day is therefore a day to make a decision, so name your poison!

Decision making can be regarded as the mental processes resulting in the selection of a course of action among several alternative scenarios. Every decision making process produces a final choice. The output can be an action or an opinion of choice.

In economics, it is thought that if humans are rational and free to make their own decisions, then they would behave according to the rational choice theory. However, in reality, there are some factors that affect decision making abilities and cause people to make irrational decisions. (With material from: Wikipedia)

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Wednesday, the 8th of June 2022
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