National Airborne Day 2024

August 16, 2024 in the USA

In the USA the 16th of August in 2024 is National Airborne Day. National Airborne Day was proclaimed by George W. Bush in 2001. The date had been chosen in remembrance of the first Army parachute jump on August 16 in 1940. Due to this new strategy the airborne forces established their important role in combats.

National Airborne Day honors the importance of airborne tactics and their role in combats in the past such as in World War II and Afghanistan. Parts of the US airborne ranks are Sky Soldiers, All American and other airborne divisions and Special Forces. National Airborne Day is observed with diverse ceremonies, activities and appropriate programs.

Where is National Airborne Day?
When is National Airborne Day?
Friday, the 16th of August 2024
Only 87 days left!

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