National Day of Catalonia 2024

September 11, 2024 in Catalonia

National Day of Catalonia is celebrated on September 11, 2024. The National Day of Catalonia is a day-long festival in Catalonia. It commemorates the defeat of the Catalan troops fighting during the War of the Spanish Succession. The Catalan troops that fought in support of the Habsburg dynasty's claim to the Spanish throne were defeated at the Siege of Barcelona by the army of the Bourbon king Philip V of Spain on 11 September 1714 after 14 months of siege. The holiday was first celebrated in 11 September 1886, was suppressed by the Franco dictatorship in 1939 and reinstated in 1980 by the government of Catalonia, the Generalitat de Catalunya, upon its restoration after the Franco dictatorship. Independentist organizations and political parties traditionally lay floral offerings at the monuments of the leaders of the defence of the city Rafael Casanova and General Moragues for their fight against the king Philip V of Spain. Typically, Catalan nationalists organize demonstrations and meet at the Fossar de les Moreres of Barcelona, where they pay homage to the defenders of city who died during the siege and were buried there. (With material from: Wikipedia)

Where is National Day of Catalonia?
When is National Day of Catalonia?
Wednesday, the 11th of September 2024
Only 143 days left!

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