National Hollerin' Contest Day 2020

June 21, 2020 in the USA

National Hollerin' Contest Day is celebrated on June 21, 2020. This Contest has been observed on the third Saturday in June since 1969. However, the day became part of the Hollerin' Heritage Festival in 2013 and since then takes place each second Saturday in September. It is celebrated in Spivey's Corner, a very small town in the middle of North Carolina. Annually thousands of people travel there to participate or watch the National Hollerin' Contest. Apart from the Hollerin' Contest, live music, car shows, and other entertainments are organized for this event.

Hollerin' is a very special way of singing, often without words. That was a way for slaves on the cotton fields in the Southern States of the US to communicate and express their feelings. They used different sounds to express different information and feelings. It is comparable to work songs, but all emotion lies in the melody - not the text. On National Hollerin' Contest Day white and black contestants holler together.

Where is National Hollerin' Contest Day?
When is National Hollerin' Contest Day?
Sunday, the 21st of June 2020
Only 23 days left!

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