No Beard Day 2024

October 18, 2024 in the World

A boy who shaves.

Get rid of the beard on October 18, 2024 also known as No Beard Day! This day tries to persuade men to get shaved and lose their beard in order to spend the day smoothly shaved. This is especially for all those guys who couldn’t think of ever getting rid of their beards. Apart from that No Beard Day supports all those partners out their wishing away the beard for some softer kissing. Women can shave their facial hair on No Beard Day. Good news for all the fans of beards: it won’t take long and the first tiny stubbles will be back again.

About at the age of puberty with the rising of testosterone, the male hormone, young men get their first hair of the beard, which belong to the secondary sexual characteristics of men. To get rid of the beard, shaving serves best. There are numerous instruments for the depilation: razors, safety razors and multi-blade razors are the most famous ones. Shaves need some preparation. If you like to shave your full beard for No Beard Day, you might like to cut it down first with scissors. Hot water prepares skin and hair for the shave, soaking the beard and opening the pores. The razor blades in contrary should be wetted in cold water so that they won’t get blunt. Shaving oil should be applied with your hand, then shaving cream with a brush or shaving foam with your hands. Both support a better sliding of the blades and less skin irritations.

For the actual shaving the razor has to be held in a 45 degrees angle and moved shortly over the beard. You can use your other hand to pull your skin smooth. Not only on No Beard Day, but always shaving against the fur should be avoided so hair cannot grow in so easily. The blade should be swilled often so it won’t clog. After the shaving clean your face with cold water and dab it dry carefully. Maybe the use of an aftershave lotion can be reasonable now. An obstinate error by the way is, that shaved hair is coming back darker and stronger. Stubbles protrude and longer hair sits close and so the impression is only visual.

Where is the event?
When is the event?
Friday, the 18th of October 2024
Only 122 days left!

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