Pardon Day 2024

September 8, 2024 in the World

Pardon Day takes place on September 08, 2024. Following the example of President Gerald Ford it is recommended to ask for pardon on Pardon Day. In 1974 Ford asked his predecessor Richard Nixon to pardon for the Watergate scandal. According to this request everyone may feel invited to ask for pardon whenever it might be necessary. It does not matter if the reason is long past or recently developed.

On Pardon Day is the perfect time to call someone you have wronged or towards whom you have misbehaved. Tell that person that you are sorry and seek forgiveness. Apart from sincere apologies Pardon Day is a good occasion to be extremely polite and spread a lot of "pardon mes". People rush past each other and hustle into each other without saying a word. But on Pardon Day everyone should stop and take the time to say sorry.

Where is Pardon Day?
When is Pardon Day?
Sunday, the 8th of September 2024
Only 48 days left!

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