Paul Bunyan Day 2025

June 28, 2025 in the World

Paul Bunyan Day is named after the giant lumberjack in American folklore and is observed on June 28. 2025. Paul Bunyan was accompanied by a blue ox named Babe, and it is said they were so huge, that their footprints created the many lakes of Minnesota. Especially Lake Bemidji reminds one of a big footprint when you look out of a bird's eye perspective on it.

The earliest published versions of the myth of Paul Bunyan can be traced back to James MacGillivray, a traveling newspaper reporter who wrote the first article about Bunyan for Oscoda Press in 1906.

Where is Paul Bunyan Day?
When is Paul Bunyan Day?
Saturday, the 28th of June 2025
Only 341 days left!

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