Reformation Day 2024

October 31, 2024 in the World

Painting of Martin Luther.

With Reformation Day on October 31, 2024 Protestants and Lutherans commemorate the placarding of Martin Luther’s 95 propositions in 1517. Reformation Day is on the same date as Halloween but has nothing to do with it. In the USA it is common to celebrate this commemoration day of the Reformation on the following Sunday: Reformation Sunday. In Germany this is an official holiday in the evangelic parts of the country. People believe that Martin Luther placarded his thesis about church on the All Saints Church in Wittenberg in Eastern Germany. Since 1938 this city is called Lutherstadt Wittenberg, which means City of Luther.

In his 95 thesis Luther demanded a critical answering of religious questions - very close to the bible. He translated the bible from Latin into German and so made sure that everyone could read it. He did not really plan to reform the church system but his Lutheran Bible was the hour of birth for Protestants and other evangelic Christians. The Reformation took place from 1517 until 1555 and finally split the Christian church into catholic, protestant and Lutheran Christians. One of the most offensive thesis said that shrove money should be abolished because Jesus Christ brought all redemption already with his dead.

Where is Reformation Day?
When is Reformation Day?
Thursday, the 31st of October 2024
Only 156 days left!

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