Sadie Hawkins Day 2024

November 13, 2024 in USA, Canada

In the USA and Canada the 13th of November 2024 is Sadie Hawkins Day. The day refers to Li’l Abner, a comic strip from Al Capp which was launched 1934 and ended in 1977. In this satiric comic strip some hillbillies from Southern USA appear and show their daily life. One of them is Sadie Hawkins who waits at home for suitors until her father desperately decides to order a holiday called Sadie Hawkins Day, on which the girls should go and ask out the boys instead of the other way round.

In the USA and Canada dances are organized by high schools or colleges to celebrate the Sadie Hawkins Dance where it are not the boys who invite the girls, like usually, but the other way round. Depending on the region Sadie Hawkins Day is known as simply Sadie’s, Girls’ Choice, Turnabout, Santa Switch or many more.

Where is Sadie Hawkins Day?
USA, Canada
When is Sadie Hawkins Day?
Wednesday, the 13th of November 2024
Only 212 days left!

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