Sette Giugno 2023

June 7, 2023 in Malta

Sette Giugno is observed in Malta on June 07, 2023 in commemoration of the tragic events which occurred on Sette Giugno, which is Italian for June 7th, in 1919. During the deliberations of the National Assembly, a peaceful demonstration tuned into a riot. Maltese citizen tore down flags of the British Empire and attacked buildings and other premises of Imperialist proponents. As the situation got out of control, one of the British soldiers panicked and fired aimless into the unarmed crowd, killing four Maltese men, Lorenzo Dyer, Giuseppe Bajada, Emmanuele Attard and Carmelo Abela. On Sette Giugno this four men are remembered and revered by the Maltese citizens.

Where is Sette Giugno?
When is Sette Giugno?
Wednesday, the 7th of June 2023

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