Songkran 2025

April 13 - 15, 2025 in Thailand

Songkran is the traditional New Year celebrations, which is observed from April 13 to April 15, 2025in Thailand. It is similar to the Chinese Ching Ming or the Christian Easter celebration. It is also a celebration of love, which is used to show respect especially to elderly family members. Similar celebrations are also held in Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar. Most official institutions and businesses, besides large shopping malls, are closed on Songkran.

Songkran is celebrated during the hottest month of the year with much joy and water. So it is common that people get doused with water in the streets, which is very welcome due to the heat. To older persons respect is shown by sprinkling them with water. Furthermore, part of the tradition is to honor Buddha by dousing Buddha figurines with water. Water is an important element at Songkran, as it represents the cleaning for the New Year.

Where is Songkran?
When is Songkran?
Sunday, the 13th of April 2025 to Tuesday, the 15th of April 2025
Only 318 days left!

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