Spring Day in Argentina 2024

September 21, 2024 in Argentina

Spring Day in Argentina is observed on September 21, 2024. Spring Day is an informal holiday in Argentina, celebrated on 21 September, the conventional date of the beginning of spring (one or two days before the actual southern spring equinox). Though this is not a work-free public holiday, it coincides with Student's Day, which is a no-school day for students on all the levels of the education system (Except for Primary Schools).

The holiday is therefore mostly observed and dominated by teenagers and young adults, which massively take on public parks, beaches and other outdoor venues in the larger cities, and enjoy sports or picnics. Local administrations usually offer the public a number of entertainment shows, such as free rock concerts. In later years security operations have been staged to avoid incidents such as fights and vandalism, as well as controls to curb the consumption of alcoholic beverages. (With material from: Wikipedia)

Where is Spring Day in Argentina?
When is Spring Day in Argentina?
Saturday, the 21st of September 2024
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