St. Martin's Day 2024

November 11, 2024 in the World

Children with paper lanterns on St. Martin's Day.

St. Martin’s Day on November 11, 2024 is the Feast Day of Saint Martin of Tours. In Central Europe there are numerous customs about St. Martin’s Day, like the Eating of a Martin-goose, Martin-singing, Martin-fire and Martin-processions. St. Martin’s Day is celebrated in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and South Tyrol. Especially children have self-made colorful lampions in the shape of animals or sun, moon and star and walk through the streets singing. Sometimes a man - usually a fireman - wears a St. Martin costume and there is a play of how he cut his coat into two pieces and gave away one of them to a poor beggar.

Depending on the region kids get different sweets. For example sugar pretzels, Weckmanns with raisins or pastries in the shape of a goose. At the end of the lampion parade there is a huge fire. People stay together sing, talk and watch the fire burn. The Martin-processions are sometimes on different dates. In some German regions children go from house to house and sing traditional Martin-songs to collect sweets, fruits pastries or other nice things. In some very rare regions Martin-singing takes place but is related to Martin Luther instead of Saint Martin.

Where is St. Martin's Day?
When is St. Martin's Day?
Monday, the 11th of November 2024
Only 204 days left!

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