Statehood Day in Serbia 2022

February 15 - 16, 2022 in Serbia

Statehood Day in Serbia takes place from February 15 until February 16, 2022 and is called Sretenje there. In Serbia Statehood Day is a public holiday and its feast lasts for two days. It commemorates the outbreak of the Serbian revolution against Ottoman rule. The Ottoman Empire or Turkish Empire lasted from 1299 until 1923 and was founded by Osman I. Statehood Day in Serbia is celebrated since 2001 when it was officially recognized by the Serbian Parliament.

Serbians also celebrate their Candlemas Constitution on the same date, which is their first constitution, signed in 1835. It emphasizes the importance of human rights and a modern development for Serbia. On Sretenje there are festive military parades and speeches as well as other patriotic events taking place in Serbia.

Where is Statehood Day in Serbia?
When is Statehood Day in Serbia?
Tuesday, the 15th of February 2022 to Wednesday, the 16th of February 2022
Only 141 days left!

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