Tell a Lie Day 2025

April 4, 2025 in the World

Insincere woman with long nose.

Tell a Lie Day takes place on April 04, 2025. The day is a chance to tell half-truths, fibs, and white lies. To lie is to deliver a false statement to another person which the speaking person knows is not the whole truth, intentionally. Usually lying is not a kind thing to do, but Tell a Lie Day provides an exception. Anyway if you want to take part in Tell a Lie Day you should check if the lie you are about to tell will hurt anyone and then you should avoid it.

After all it would be smart to rectify your lies at the end of Tell a Lie Day to be fair. A true fun way of celebrating Tell a Lie Day without hurting anyone is to compete in telling each other the most obvious, most spectacular and most interesting lies for a giggle. Make your friends believe you have won the super bowl last year and fought against three-headed dragons on your balcony last night.

Where is the event?
When is the event?
Friday, the 4th of April 2025
Only 311 days left!

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