Tom Bawcock's Eve 2024

December 23, 2024 in Mousehole, UK

Tom Bawcock's Eve is a festival, observed on December 23, 2024 in the village of Mousehole, Cornwall, UK. Tom Bawcock was a local fisherman in the 16th century, and Tom Bawcock's Eve is held to remember that man and his act of heroism: according to the legend, one stormy winter, when no fishing boats were able to leave and all residents were facing starvation, Tom Bawcock on December 23, however, went out for fishing. He gave the entire catch to the residents and they baked a pie together. Ever since, the Tom Bawcock's Eve festival takes place as a memorial day to Tom Bawcock's efforts. During the festival, pie is eaten, and in the evening, all harbour lights are turned off so people can watch the illuminations and lantern parade. There is also carol singing on the beach.

Where is Tom Bawcock's Eve?
Mousehole, UK
When is Tom Bawcock's Eve?
Monday, the 23rd of December 2024
Only 189 days left!

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