Union Dissolution Day 2025

June 7, 2025 in Norway

On June 07, 2025 is Union Dissolution Day in Norway. It is the anniversary date of the Norwegian union with Sweden in 1905. With this dissolution Sweden officially acknowledged the neighbor Kingdom of Norway as an independent constitutional monarchy. From that day on King Oscar II no longer claimed the Norwegian throne and the two kingdoms got dissolved.

On Union Dissolution Day there are very hilarious and colorful parades taking place in Norway and the Norwegian flag decorates the whole nation everywhere. Per coincidence the Union Dissolution Day falls on the same date when King Haakon VII of Norway returned to his country after he had been in exile in London for five years during World War II.

Where is Union Dissolution Day?
When is Union Dissolution Day?
Saturday, the 7th of June 2025
Only 322 days left!

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