West Virginia Day 2022

June 20, 2022 in West Virginia

West Virginia Day is celebrated on June 20. 2022, as the name suggests, in West Virginia, USA. On this state holiday the anniversary of the creation of the 35th state, also known as the Mountain State, is celebrated. During the American Civil War, delegates from 50 northwestern counties of Virginia decided the secession from Virginia and the creation of a new state: West Virginia.

The reason were political differences between the poor peasants in the mountain regions and the plantation owners in the plains, who dominated the state policy. On June 20, 1863 this new state was admitted to the Union. West Virginia is the 41st largest US state by area and the 38th by population.

Where is West Virginia Day?
West Virginia
When is West Virginia Day?
Monday, the 20th of June 2022
Only 202 days left!

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