Whuppity Scoorie Day 2025

March 1, 2025 in Scotland

Whuppity Scoorie Day takes place on March 01, 2025. Whuppity Scoorie is a traditional festival dating from the early 19th century observed by people in Lanark, Scotland to celebrate the approach of spring. Local children gather around the local St. Nicholas kirk where at 6 pm the wee bell is rung. This is the starting sign for the children to run around the church in an anticlockwise direction, making noise and swinging paper balls on strings above their heads as they run. It is no longer a race for safety reasons and to increase fairness for the younger participants. After three laps, they scramble for coins thrown by members of the Community Council who host the event. The Community Council also hosts a "Whuppity Scoorie Storytelling Festival" and art workshops after the event until March 7.(With material from: Wikipedia)

Where is Whuppity Scoorie Day?
When is Whuppity Scoorie Day?
Saturday, the 1st of March 2025
Only 254 days left!

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