World Development Information Day 2024

October 24, 2024 in the World

World Development Information Day is observed on October 24, 2024. In 1972, the United Nations General Assembly decided to institute a World Development Information Day coinciding with United Nations Day on 24 October. The General Assembly had the object of drawing the attention of world public-opinion each year to development problems and the necessity of strengthening international co-operation to solve them.

In recent years many events have interpreted the title of the day slightly differently. These have concentrated on the role that modern information-technologies, such as the Internet and mobile telephones can play in alerting people and finding solutions to problems of trade and development. One of the specific aims of World Development Information Day was to inform and motivate young people and this change may help to further this aim. (With material from: Wikipedia)

Where is World Development Information Day?
When is World Development Information Day?
Thursday, the 24th of October 2024
Only 126 days left!

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