World Letter Writing Day 2024

September 1, 2024 in the World

World Letter Writing Day or short WLWD, is observed on September 01, 2024. It is sometimes also called Letter Writing Day, as the focus is on handwritten letters. Participating is not a hard thing to do, as you should simply write a letter to someone who is worth the time for you. It is important that your letter is actually handwritten with a pen or a pencil on real paper. The receiver can be anyone, no matter if you are close to that person or not.

Richard Simpkin, an Australian photographer, author and artist invented World Letter Day in 2014. As a fan of handwritten letters he believes they are much more personal than e-mails for example. Be it that they have a certain smell, include folds and maybe scribblings. With his World Letter Writing Day Simpkin wants to give the people a break from all the rushing online and digital communication and celebrate one of the oldest ways of distance connection between two people.

When you want to join in World Letter Writing Day you can be all creative about the implementing. You can choose or even design your own letter paper and choose your favorite color and pen to write on it. The letter will be even more personal when you put stickers on it or draw a little picture. As there is no delete-button you have to deal with writing mistakes, but that is no problem. Get rid of emoji and chart your own smileys to express your feelings. World Letter Writing Day truly leads writers back to the roots.

Where is the event?
When is the event?
Sunday, the 1st of September 2024
Only 138 days left!

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