World Meteorological Day 2022

March 23, 2022 in the World

World Meteorological Day takes place annually on March, 23 2022 and aims to remind the public of the World Organization for Meteorology (WMO) convention of 1950 for meteorology. Back then the unprecedented peaceful cooperation between all different nations. They had found out that with the help of global forecasts reliable weather forecasts can be given.

Not even war or other issues could stop the exchange of data. Even conflict areas cooperated with no regard to any political issues. Every year there is a certain topic for the World Meteorological Day, like for example techniques of weather forecasting. The organizations task is to coordinate, organize and push the exchange of information and data.

Where is World Meteorological Day?
When is World Meteorological Day?
Wednesday, the 23rd of March 2022
Only 148 days left!

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