World Vegetarian Day 2024

October 1, 2024 in the World

Child with paprika vegetables: Just abandon meat on Vegetarian Day!

Be veggie on October 01, 2024 because it is World Vegetarian Day. This day was initiated by the North American Vegetarian Society in Scotland in 1977 during the World Vegetarian Congress. It aims to show the global world how good it is for the environment and the health to live vegetarian. If you do not like to forgo meat for the rest of your life you can nonetheless use World Vegetarian Day to have a Veggie Day and try tasty vegetarian recipes, which do not contain any meat, fish or sausage. Vegetarians have various reasons to pass on meat.

It is not only that they dislike the taste, but it are often ethical and political reasons. Vegetarians might for example have a ethical issue about eating other creatures. For others the vegetarian lifestyle is sort of a protest against mass husbandry and the bad conditions the beef cattles, pigs, hens and others are kept. World Vegetarian Day raises awareness on the possibility consumers have to minimize the animals’ suffering. As long as the demand for meat is high but the disposition to pay more is low animals will be kept in very tiny boxes risen up as quick as possible so they can be slaughtered as soon as possible.

Some people also nourish themselves vegan which means they pass on any faunal products, like honey, milk, eggs and everything that contains one of those. In order to satisfy the demand huge amounts of resources are wasted: a lot of fields are needed to cultivate all the fodder and high water consumption and exhaust gases due to the transport have the worst environmental effects. Even one meatless day per week can help to improve the whole situation. On World Vegetarian Day animal welfarists and vegetarians make clear that the taken-for-grantedness of the lavish meat consume has to be stopped.

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Tuesday, the 1st of October 2024
Only 71 days left!

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