Youth Day in Morocco 2024

August 21, 2024 in Morocco

Youth Day in Morocco is celebrated on August 21, 2024. Youth Day is a public holiday in Morocco on August 21, the birthday of the reigning monarch, Mohammed VI of Morocco. Before 1999 it was held on July 9, the birthday of King Hassan II. At the beginning this holiday was a call for people’s resistance from the French oppression. After the Morocco independence it became a national holiday that emphasizes the importance of the young men and women who help building up a country. There are festive events taking place like speeches and divers social projects for the youth. Youth Day in Morocco encourages the youth to support their country and believe in a better future.

Where is Youth Day in Morocco?
When is Youth Day in Morocco?
Wednesday, the 21st of August 2024
Only 28 days left!

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